Benchmade Bedlam: A Whole Lot Of Knife

I have recently acquired a knife that I felt I just had to write about: the Benchmade Bedlam! This knife is a beauty from tip to back, and feels great in the hand. It is has a stout 4 inch blade made of premium 154CM steel and uses a modified scimitar blade design. Therefore, the point is ridiculously sharp and intimidating. Take a look:

ImageThe handle grip is complete with finger grooves, making this knife easy to hold and control. The G10 handle is a favorite handle material of mine and is pretty rare in Benchmade runs.  The knife has the famous, ambidextrous AXIS lock that also serves as the firing mechanism. With an overall length of 9.75″, this knife is so aggressive looking it is almost scary, especially since it only weighs 7.3 oz. The knife lives up to its scimitar roots, making it easy to slash and maneuver. The knife retails for $275, and for its size, quality, and automatic function, it is a great price.

I love this knife, and I wanted to share it with you. Does anyone else have one of these? Leave your comments below!


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