Quality Versus Quantity in Knives

I recently read an article on cheap OTF models and the pros and cons of owning one. In a nutshell, the cons are poor quality and a blade that both does not come very sharp and cant hold an edge. The pros are that you get a functional OTF that is very affordable and if you lose it, you are not out more than, say, $25.

I have always wondered how people feel about the quality versus quantity argument with knives. Personally, I have never lost a knife that I paid a lot of money for. I have had one stolen, but never lost. The knives I have not paid much for, tend to get lost more because I don’t care as much what happens to them.

People that use knives as every day tools, especially those who use them for rough applications such as slicing through cardboard, tend to buy cheaper knives because they wear their knives out and also tend to lose them. The more you pull a knife out of your pocket, the more likely you are to lose it. But at what point do you start wanting to pay more so that the same applications becomes easier, and your knife is more reliable, and takes less maintenance. Everyone has a point where they can no longer afford something, but it all depends on how much quality matters, and how likely you feel you are to lose the knife.

In my opinion, a quality knife is the way to go because you will more likely keep a better eye on something you made a bigger investment in, and in the long run, the quality is a good investment. My Microtech Ultratech has a special place on my night stand and is always in my pocket, and I would never give that up for something lesser just because I am afraid of losing it, but then again I don’t abuse my knife either.

Let me know what you think about quality versus quantity. Which do you prefer?


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