Kershaw Leek: Assisted Opening Quality

I was looking through some of my knives today and I found my old EDC, a Kershaw Leek 1660. This knife has, for a long time, been one of Kershaw’s best sellers, and for a reason. I know I posted a few weeks ago about how Benchmade is above everyone else, but I also realize that not everyone can afford one.

The Kershaw Leek is a knife that is affordable and opens every bit as fast as a switchblade, without being illegal. This is achieved by the flipper being part of the blade, which much be touched to activate the opening mechanism. Switchblades have to be activated without touching the blade to be a true switchblade. Take a look:


The Leek is sharp, tough, and comes in several varieties. Ranging from an MSRP of $60 to $115 for the top of the line models, the Leek is super affordable and is made in the USA. The steel is tough and holds an edge and it feels great in your hand. Have you ever owned a Leek? Any thoughts?


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One response to “Kershaw Leek: Assisted Opening Quality”

  1. Matt @ Best Pocket Knife Today says :

    For under $50 you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as stylish and effective. Speedsafe is slick and the blade on this puppy is insanely sharp!

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