The Senate Bill Passes! One step closer!

So awhile back I posted that Tennessee’s State Senate was going to vote on a bill that would legalize switchblades and remove the blade length limit statewide. To say that it passed is an understatement. It passed overwhelmingly 27-3! This is a huge step in the fight for true freedom in our second amendment rights!

Now, there is a companion bill in the State House of Representatives referred to as HB0581. This bill is identical to the Senate version and should be being voted on as early as next week! Please write your representative in Tennessee and let them know you want them to vote to pass the bill!

I never thought I would see the day when this would come to fruition. I felt that our government, constantly wanting to regulate and control things, would never agree to allow more rights, especially weapon rights, to the people. Tennessee needs to be commended for this and if you live in another state, it is time to start writing your senators and representatives to follow suit.

Knives are not just weapons, they are tools, and need to be presented as such. Most of my friends had their first knives well before their teenage years because there were responsible adults there to teach them how to use them. Knives should not be feared by anyone except those who do not know how to use them (or maybe someone who attacks a person who DOES know how to use them). Let’s get this awareness higher than ever and get our government to give us our knives!


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