Knife Laws, They Are A’Changin…

When you look back over the history of different laws and how they came into being, sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don’t. When it comes to knife laws, most states have a statewide ban on automatic, or switchblade, knives as well as some kind of blade length restriction. On top of that, city and county laws can be enforced to make the rules even more restrictive, or at least confusing.

Here is my take on this: Switchblades used to be prevalent in the Depression Era during Prohibition. They were a weapon of choice for many organized crime members. So back then, the ban on switchblades made sense. At the time, they were being used for the sole purpose of violence.

Fast forward to 2013. Assisted opening knives, which deploy just as quickly and easily as switchblades but are not illegal, have been accessible for years. Most of society now considers pocket knives a tool more than a weapon. I cannot tell you how many times a day I use my knife for everyday, mundane things. And being able to operate said knife with just one hand, and with a quick, easy deployment makes whatever I am using the knife for that much easier. Switchblade laws are antiquated and do not make sense in today’s world.

This is why my home state of Tennessee, much like several other states before it, is about to vote on Senate Bill SB1015, which would enact knife law preemption, which would make the laws and their enforcement consistent throughout the state, and also repeal bans on switchblades as well as the 4 inch blade length limit.

This is a step towards true freedom in knife rights and if you live in Tennessee, be sure to write your senator to have them vote yes! Also, if you live elsewhere, have your state legislature get on board! Let’s get our second amendment rights to carry our most useful tools by our side!


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2 responses to “Knife Laws, They Are A’Changin…”

  1. mike says :

    the fed description of a “weapon” describes blade length. thanks California. if the man wants to perceive your pen knife as a ‘ threat’, your going to jail. the books can say all the pretty words, the street can’t read

  2. khusbhu says :

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